How we enable
Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of our sustainability activity. To deliver long-term value we need to establish and maintain sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders to reduce business risk, maximise opportunities and improve profitability. It is important that our stakeholders understand our unique business model and its important role within the consumer credit market and wider community.

  Why we engage Key areas of interest How we engage and respond Impact of engagement
Customers Listening to our customers allows us to build a greater understanding of their needs and behaviours so we can find ways to add value to their customer experience with us. They benefit from relevant credit products and it helps us retain quality customers and attract new ones.


  • Affordability and price
  • Flexible repayments 
  • Convenience
  • Simple and seamless customer journey
  • Trusted brands


  • Customer visits or digital customer interfaces
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Responsible lending principles and communications
  • Collaboration on product innovation
  • Website tools and product information 




We lend responsibly so customers can afford to buy the things they need

Employees and agents

Our culture is grounded in our values and is vital for the sustainability of the business. In addition to supporting knowledge and career development we engage with our people so that they are more effective in their role and able to provide a great customer service.


  • Development opportunities
  • Recognition and fair reward
  • Open, straightforward communication
  • Wellbeing 
  • Ethical, customer-focused culture
  • Safe and productive working environment 
  • Investing in developing capabilities
  • Engagement and reputation surveys
  • Annual conferences and business updates
  • Regular two-way communication
  • Recognition and reward programmes
  • Training programmes including ethics and safety
  • Global Care Plan
  • Intranets, MyNews app and e-communications
  • Interactions with Workforce and Stakeholder Engagement Director


of employees say they like working for the business


We provide engaging employment and fulfilling careers.

Regulators and legislators

Regulations with unintended consequences can impact our customers’ ability to access regulated financial services. Together with our trade associations, we talk to regulators to build their understanding of consumer needs and our important role in extending financial inclusion.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Control and supervision
  • Fair pricing and promotions
  • Responsible lending and best practice
  • Social inclusion
  • Tax contribution
  • Fair employment contracts
  • Business ethics training 
  • Sector association membership
  • Public consultations 
  • Engagement on draft regulations
  • External advisor network 
  • Partnership with non-governmental organisations 


sector association memberships


We seek sustainable financial services markets that are positive for consumers and businesses.


In collaboration with our key suppliers, we develop policies and improve practices in order to minimise sustainability risk within our supply chain. Our interactions and building higher levels of supplier engagement also help extend their expertise and innovation to our business.

  • Strategy and business challenges
  • Business performance
  • Timely payments
  • Customers service requirements and opportunities
  • Good reputation
  • Voice of the Supplier survey
  • Strategic sourcing processes
  • Ongoing supplier and contract management
  • Supplier due diligence and risk management processes
  • Industry research
  • Strategic governance processes
  • Service-level performance reviews 


said we operate in keeping with our values


We deal responsibly and professionally with our suppliers.

Communities We work in all our markets to improve the wellbeing of our communities especially through our financial education programmes which help consumers make more informed financial decisions. Building better relationships also helps attract customers, employees and agents.
  • Financial literacy
  • Social wellbeing
  • Volunteering
  • Community support programmes
  • Financial literacy programmes
  • Partnerships with nongovernmental organisations
  • Financial wellbeing research
  • Employee and agent volunteering
  • Supporting causes chosen by colleagues 


hours of volunteering by colleagues


We contribute to organisations that offer educational and social support in our communities

Shareholders and investors Our investors expect to earn a return on their investment in a sustainable, ethical business. As a publicly listed company, we provide timely, fair and balanced information to enable investors to understand our business so that they can make an informed investment decision.  
  • Strategy performance and outlook
  • Risk management and corporate governance
  • Environmental, social and governance reporting
  • Leadership capability
  • Executive remuneration
  • Dividend policy
  • Access to management
  • Ongoing dialogue and meetings
  • Access to management
  • Results presentations and trading updates 
  • Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Roadshows and conferences
  • Corporate website
  • Remuneration Policy engagement 


interactions with investors


We are communicating our focus on returning to profitability and generating sustainable returns.