Our culture and values

We have a strong culture, enduring values – respectful, responsible, straightforward – and a powerful, guiding purpose.

At IPF, our values and ethics are at the heart of building a better world through financial inclusion. We believe in doing business in a responsible way that resonates with our customers, employees and customer representatives – and our investors who are looking for sustainable returns.

Our values have been a constant since we demerged in 2007, and they are fully embedded across our organisation irrespective of role or geographical location. Our business values are the core principles or standards that guide the way we do business: they summarise what we stand for and what makes us special.

Working in partnership with our Code of Ethics that supports responsible business practice, our values help differentiate us from our competitors. They provide reassurance to our customers that they’ve made the right decision in choosing our products and services.

We are respectful

Treating others as we would like to be treated.

We are responsible

Taking due care in all our actions and decisions.

We are straightforward

Being open and transparent in everything we do.

Our award winning culture

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