Our approach

We are a purpose-led organisation that strives to be an uncompromising force for good in the markets in which we operate. To do this, our purpose guides us to consider all our stakeholders in our actions and decisions. This means our purpose of building a better world through financial inclusion is at the centre of shaping how we do business.

As a responsible business, we understand, balance and manage our environmental, social and governance opportunities proactively; it is visible in our culture, our purpose and how we work with each other and our customers every day.

Our approach to sustainability is, therefore, at the centre of our purpose. These pages are designed to give you more details of what we do.


How we are dealing with the impact we make on the environment and the risks posed by climate change.


How we are building a better future for our colleagues and the communities and customers we serve.


How we make decisions for the long term and for all our stakeholders.


The rules and principles we put in place to operate ethically.

Our ESG framework

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