Enabling financial inclusion

It is estimated that 1.7 billion people worldwide are unbanked and, as such, excluded from day-to-day financial services.

Without the ability to be a part of the regulated financial system, people find it difficult to save, obtain fair-priced credit or start a business.

Access to regulated credit and insurance products can help individuals and families plan for upcoming events, deal with unexpected emergencies, help expand a microbusiness and seek peace of mind with health and life cover – all of which can improve the quality of their lives.

How we help


of applicants receive an offer of credit


of customers live in an area with a population less than 5,000


of customers in arrears not penalised for missing payments


international markets


customers served since 1997


years in business

How our business delivers financial inclusion

Our customer representatives build long-term relationships that enable us to give people access to the credit they need to move forward in their lives. 

It’s thanks to their hard work, local insights, and care for customers and communities that we’re able to connect even more people with our products and services and keep growing as a business. 

By providing access to regulated credit in a responsible way, when it really matters, we give consumers with low to medium incomes a better, legitimate alternative to the unregulated 'grey' market.

We start the process for mainstream financial inclusion for underserved consumers.

Our positive social contribution extends to the wider economy. Our customer representatives take pride in connecting to people in their communities and helping them obtain regulated credit. 

We also provide exciting career opportunities for our colleagues, invest in and support our communities, innovate with supplier partners to deliver growth and, as a responsible taxpayer, we believe in contributing our fair share to society in the markets in which we operate.

We ensure that everyone has a chance to access the credit they need – affordably.

Our customers might need money for something vital, like paying an unexpected bill or coping with day-to-day expenses. Or they may need help to carry out home improvements, buy a car or start a business.

Whatever they need, we offer innovative financial services that are in line with our values: respectful, responsible and straightforward.

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