The wellbeing of our people has always been important, but navigating the pandemic as a real people business consolidated our strategy into a comprehensive Care Programme.

We place huge importance on ensuring that our people are safe and connected, and feel a true sense of wellbeing, both because it is the right thing to do and also because our ability to serve our customers well relies on having highly engaged and skilled colleagues who adhere to our values and ethics. CARE is how we describe our approach towards our people, and it sits at the heart of our culture.

Our global care approach was introduced in early 2020, to support our leaders to focus on IPF Group business priorities, whilst demonstrating clear, visible support and care for our people. We extended its scope to ensure that, despite sometimes being physically distanced, we maintained the same levels of engagement and collaboration that we have always enjoyed. Maintaining these critical aspects of our culture has undoubtedly helped us to regrow the business. This was also borne out by the findings of our Global People Survey, where we experienced a very high response rate and strong positive feedback – which demonstrates that our teams are invested in and passionate about their work.

Now, with hybrid working and other challenges, we are committed to listening to our people, and have established a strong value proposition, an exciting employer brand and regularly updated wellbeing programmes.

The evolution of our Care Programme which served us so well during the pandemic has taken us forward into areas such as menopause and psychosocial risk, which will be a further focus in 2023. 

We protect our culture fiercely, grounded as it is in the deep feeling all our colleagues have for supporting and helping customers in our sector. 

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