Our performance is supported by strong

The board receives quarterly updates on sustainability which cover key material issues such as business ethics, responsible lending, community investment and environmental management. We also have a clear internal governance structure for sustainability which includes: 

Sustainability Steering Committee

Our Sustainability Committee sits under our Reputation and Regulatory Committee (RRC) which provides a Board level forum for the regular review of external and internal issues that impact on our reputation

  • It meets at least four times a year and is responsible for the governance of our reputational and sustainability strategy (including climate change)
  • It is chaired by the CEO who is the Board representative for sustainability
  • It ensures that all our businesses conform to the same ethical standards and that our values and sustainability principles are implemented across the group.

Examples of sustainability issues discussed include:

  • Sustainability reporting and management review processes
  • Business Ethics implementation and communication
  • The role of Community Investment in brand reputation
  • Responsible lending and collection

Sustainability governance also takes place within each of our markets, either through a specific committee or as part of local RRCs chaired by Country managers.

People management

  • People processes are governed by Group employment policies and by an HR policy manual
  • Our employees are managed by HR teams within each business, supported by a central HR team in the UK
  • Agents are managed by operational teams with an agent support department or similar in each business
  • The Senior Management Group (SMG), which includes the Group HR Director, meets five times a year and considers people issues. Formal resourcing and succession forums are convened by the SMG twice a year to review our senior operations leadership development and general manager development programmes
  • All local HR directors have monthly conference calls. They all also sit on their local management boards

Group Safety Committee

  • Meets at CMT meetings (at least every six months)
  • Chaired by Chief Executive Officer, Gerard Ryan
  • Reports to the Board formally once a year and to the Risk and Compliance committee quarterly
  • Provides strategic direction for the way we manage health and safety issues

Customer Service Steering Group

  • Meets at least once every two months
  • Chaired by the Group Marketing Director, with representatives from the Board and UK Leadership Team as regular attendees
  • Maintains and assesses the customer-centricity of the business

Corporate Affairs Group

  • Meets every quarter, with calls taking place every month
  • Chaired by the Group Corporate Affairs Director
  • Membership includes local Corporate Affairs Directors, the Group Sustainability Manager and the UK corporate affairs team
  • Agrees company-wide corporate affairs goals; ensures new initiatives and improvements are rolled out across the business
  • Covers sustainability, communication, public policy and stakeholder engagement
  • The group is important for obtaining local perspectives on the issues being considered

Environment working groups

Each business has an environmental working group which drives the environmental programme. They review and coordinate performance indicators, devise and work to annual targets and identify opportunities to promote environmental awareness through training and communications.