Our performance is supported by strong

The board receives quarterly updates on sustainability which cover key material issues such as business ethics, responsible lending, community investment and environmental management. We also have a clear internal governance structure for sustainability which includes:

Group Reputation and Regulation Committee

  • Meets every quarter and is chaired by the Group Corporate Affairs Director.
  • Membership includes a number of senior executives including the CEO who is the board representtive for sustainability.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all our businesses conform to the same ethical standards and that our values and sustainability principles are implemented across the group.
  • Reviews IPF’s reputation, communications and sustainability policies and objectives to ensure they are aligned to our corporate strategy and values.
  • Reviews political and competitive environment risks and issues being faced and ensures effective risk mitigation action plans are in place and being progressed as planned.
  • Discusses sustainability issues such as:
    • Sustainability reporting and management review processes
    • The role of Community Investment in brand reputation
    • Responsible lending and collection
    • Ethics programme, communications and training

Sustainability governance also takes place within each of our markets, either through a specific committee or as part of local RRCs chaired by Country managers.

People management

  • People processes are deployed by local HR teams. Group governance of people processes is provided by a central HR team in the UK.
  • Employee matters are managed by local HR teams within each business and are supported by a central HR team in the UK.
  • Agents in each business are managed by local Sales and Service operational teams.
  • The Senior Management Team, which includes the Group HR Director, meets five times per year and it's agenda includes People issues. Additionally, a full review of staff, performance and succession is conducted in January of each year.
  • All staff complete ethics training once per year.
  • All local HR Directors attend a monthly conference call which is led by the Group HR Directors. Local HR Directors also sit on their local management boards.

Group Loss Prevention Committee

  • Meets every quarter and is responsible for setting the group strategy, policy and objectives on safety, information security, fraud (including Anti Money Laundering) and business continuity.
  • Monitors compliance with policy and progress against objectives ensuring that business activities comply with relevant legislation.
  • Chaired by the Head of Loss Prevention and reports compliance exceptions to the Executive Committee.
  • Reviews key incidents, their cause and lessons identified. Makes recommendations to improve performance.

Customer Service Steering Committee

  • Meets at least once every half year, Chaired by the Group Strategy Director, with representatives from Marketing Directors from Home Credit and Digital markets.
  • Ensures all Brand and Customer Experience change initiatives align to the agreed group Customer Experience.
  • Monitors performance in relation to KPIs for Customer Experience (Customer Advocacy Score, Complaints, CSC service level and funnel) and Consideration (Brand) targets.
  • Reviews issues raised by Group functions and local Customer Experience Committees.
  • Provides overall direction, strategic guidance and the context on the methods by which Brand and Customer Experience initiatives are progressed.
  • Reviews key issues and risks and takes decisions on the appropriate actions to address them.
  • Reviews wider business development issues (for example, Product Development or Credit initiatives) in relation to possible impact on our Brand or Customer Experience and provides feedback to the governing Committee where appropriate.

Corporate Affairs Group

  • Meets every quarter, with calls taking place every month.
  • Chaired by the Group Corporate Affairs Director.
  • Membership includes local Corporate Affairs Directors, the Group Sustainability Manager and the UK Corporate Affairs team.
  • Agrees company-wide Corporate Affairs goals; ensures new initiatives and improvements are rolled out across the business.
  • Covers sustainability, communication, public policy and stakeholder engagement. 
  • Considers local perspectives on the issues being considered.