Sustainability Management

We run a well-managed, responsible business within a clear governance framework. Our Board leads and controls the company and currently comprises two executive directors, six non-executive directors and a non-executive chairman.

We have a governance structure and a set of commitments and internal procedures to manage the social, environmental, ethical and governance issues in our markets that impact on, or result from, our operations. Our Code of Ethics outlines our commitments to our stakeholder groups, sets out our standards of conduct and includes our obligations to responsible business practice, specifically in relation to treating customers fairly, human rights, fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest.



Our sustainability governance framework.

Stakeholder Engagement 

We engage with our stakeholders and integrate their views into our sustainability programme. 

Reporting and Assurance 

How we report and verify our sustainability activity.

Supplier Management 

Two businessman shaking hands over paperwork, elevated view, copy space

Our Responsible Supply Chain Management processes.