An overview of our
Sustainability priorities

We aim to integrate our sustainability vision into the long-term strategic business plan. We have identified five priorities in relation to each of our stakeholder groups

Stakeholder group Sustainability priorities Approach and progress



Treat our customers fairly in all our interactions


Support access to credit for underserved and underbanked consumers

Our business model and credit products are designed specifically to suit the needs of our customers who may have difficulty in accessing credit from banks and other mainstream operators. The loans we provide can make a genuine difference to their lives when their needs are pressing. Responsible lending is at the core of our business model. We start by lending small amounts to new customers, and those who repay well can build a positive credit record that will help them gain greater access to financial services in the future.


Our approach to doing business focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point we serve credit and the service thereafter in order to attract and retain customers. To achieve this we ensure that customers are treated fairly in all their interactions with us. 


We launched a number of new products in European home credit and in response to the changing expectations of consumers looking to manage their finances online, we also began testing a digital mobile wallet product in Finland, which gives customers a transparent, easy and flexible way to pay for everyday purchases.

Employees Research, develop and deploy an employee value proposition dedicated to retain, develop and support our people at all levels

Our employees and customer representatives are vital to delivering a responsible, respectful and straightforward service to our customers and, as such, we dedicate time and resources to developing our international workforce. We focus on building an informed and engaged workforce: people who understand our purpose and how their work contributes to the delivery of our business goals, who are proud to work for the business, and who are motivated to give their best efforts to serve our customers.


During 2021, we developed and introduced an employer value proposition designed to retain our internal talent and attract the best external talent. Starting with extensive research, we sought insight directly from colleagues to our distinct proposition. We had tremendous engagement through each session and received incredibly valuable feedback that we are acting upon. As a result, we are now working on the creation of development pathways for all employees and a number of upgrades to our value proposition for customer representatives.


We also enhanced our “Speak Up” service, which allows our people to report, in confidence, any perceived breaches of our Code of Ethics.


Find out more about our commitment to our people.

Regulators Inform opinion leaders on the importance of our business model and social purpose

We focus on establishing transparent and engaging relationships with regulators and legislators as they play the key role in shaping the consumer finance sector. Our priority is to ensure that they understand our business model and the important contribution we make to the societies in which we operate by providing fair and transparent credit products to those who might otherwise be financially excluded. We also aim to ensure that any regulatory changes deliver a sustainable outcome that is positive for customers and businesses alike.


Our team of professionals engages with regulators through one-to-one meetings, stakeholder roundtables and industry associations. We are active members of industry associations in all our home credit and many of our digital locations, and contribute to the sector position on issues such as responsible lending and financial inclusion. Our annual Financial Wellbeing research delivers thought-leadership which reflects the views of consumers on a range of important financial and economic issues. We use this research to advocate for the needs of consumers to key groups of decision-makers and influencers.


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Communities Utilise our community programmes to gain real understanding and empathy with our communities

We visit the majority of our home credit customers every week and are closely connected to the communities we serve. We focus on leveraging these personal relationships with our community programme. As many of our customers have limited access to credit we aim to enable social and financial inclusion through a mix of financial education, employee volunteering and grant-giving.


Financial education

Our research into financial wellbeing suggests many people in our markets do not receive a formal financial education and would value the opportunity to learn more about financial management. By promoting financial skills development online and through face-to-face initiatives we enable customers and the general public to engage with the financial sector with more confidence, and to make responsible and informed decisions about their long-term financial planning.

Find out more about our financial education programmes.


Employee volunteering

In 2021, our colleagues told us that despite the pandemic, they wanted to continue engaging in communities. Our employees volunteered  5388 hours and provided fantastic, emotional and social support to those in need. Find out more about employee volunteering.


Community investment

In 2021, 50% of our community investment focused on financial education and 29% on social welfare and health.  In total, we invested £845,630 in supporting local communities in 2021, while our community initiatives reached more than 7 million people.


Investors Ensure the long-term viability of the business model through sustainable decision-making We finance our operations through a combination of retained profits, shareholder equity, and a diversified debt portfolio comprising wholesale and retail bonds together with bank finance. To support our financial strategy and ensure our shareholders, providers of debt funding and credit rating agencies are informed about the business, we undertake a proactive investor relations engagement programme. Regular dialogue undertaken by key members of the IPF team, focuses on communicating our financial performance, governance, risk management, ESG matters and the sustainability of the business. We also provide opportunities for investors to discuss particular areas of interest or concerns, and their feedback informs management and reporting practices.