Our commitment to our

We are committed to supporting the growth and development of our people in order to fulfil our growth and transformation ambitions.

Our culture, vision and capabilities clearly define the behaviours and environment that are needed to deliver our multi-channel strategy. We are bringing our capabilities to life through our capability development programme. People and Organisation Planning ensures our people strategy reflects our strategy so we are able to identify high potential individuals and to understand how we can enhance and support our people further. Our people strategy focuses on creating a culture of high engagement, identifying and nurturing talent and empowering people to be the best they can be; from our senior leaders through to our operational teams of employees and agents. 


Through People and Organisation Planning we are able to identify high potential individuals and to understand how we can enhance and support them further.

Resourcing for the future

  • Bringing in new capabilities to resource our growth strategy.
  • Achieving greater diversity to reflect our international business and our current and future customer base.
  • Building a robust and deep talent pipeline to support growth.
  • Ensuring there is dedicated resource in place for major initiatives.


  • Our capability development programme operates over two years and helps our leaders to understand and role-model behavioural excellence to drive the sustainable growth of the organisation.
  • Our Aspire programme aims at accelerating the progression of those identified as being in succession for key roles in the organisation.
  • We are developing a wider resource pool by introducing specific programmes such as the Credit Graduate Programme and Finance Leadership Programme. 
  • We have established an apprenticeship programme in our Group finance function with participants studying towards accounting qualifications.

Committed and engaged employees are more likely to be motivated to perform to the best of their ability.

They are also more likely to stay and develop their careers with us and contribute to the success of the business. Being a good employer is a key part of running a successful business. We recognise that if our people are enthusiastic about working for us, it’s not only good for them, customers will benefit too. Only an engaged workforce can deliver world class customer service.

We focus on regular, open and two-way communication with employees and utilise internal communications mechanisms such as a company intranet, newsletters, Q&A sessions with our CEO, employee conferences and forums and suggestion schemes.

We monitor engagement and culture through regular surveys which measure how well employees are engaged with the business and our Strategy. The results of this survey allow us to organise targeted team workshops to address areas of strength and weakness and to make changes to the business where necessary. We also provide benefits, activities and resources to support employee wellbeing and promote a healthy lifestyle so that our employees feel looked after and have the support to manage their own welfare, furthering their engagement.

We organise various engagement initiatives throughout the business including:

  • Employee awards, nominated by their colleagues, in each of our business to recognise employees that are delivering excellently against our ethical and commercial values.
  • Our One Team Road shows in our Czech business see senior managers visit local branches to answer questions from employees.
  • Our Bring Colour into your Life initiative in our Romanian business is based on six pillars of activity; health, development, recognition, fun in the team, family and be efficient.

We are committed to diversity and take steps to ensure that our business processes encourage recruitment, selection and reward based purely on merit. 

We actively encourage gender diversity through our executive search criteria and target numbers of women on certain job shortlists. The IPF board has three female members (33% of total membership) and we also look to develop future talent through our Aspire Leadership programme with 38% female representation, our Finance Future Leaders Programme which is 25% female and our Credit Risk Management Graduate Programme which is 50% female.

Gender split 2018 Men Women
Board 6 3
Senior managers 102 39
All other employees 4,150 6,202

Throughout our business we get involved in a number of initiatives to help promote diversity including:

  • Our Polish business has signed the Diversity Charter in collaboration with the Responsible Business Forum. The charter, supported by the European Commission and adopted by several EU countries is a written commitment to implement effective solutions for promoting diversity in the workplace. We participate in regular meetings with other charter signatories and organise activities such as ‘diversity day’ to promote employee engagement.
  • Our Czech and Hungarian businesses have signed the European Diversity Charter. 
  • Our Hungarian business has produced a guide for maternity leave and young mothers to help them understand the process regarding maternity leave and reintegration into the business. Mothers returning from maternity leave may choose to work a six-hour day to help them balance work and family life.
  • Provident Hungary has a programme for recruitment of people with disabilities with most opportunities in IT and local call centre. They have also established contact with Roma minority self-government to learn best practice in employment and providing equal opportunities for candidates from Roma minority.


We manage health and safety risks by means of a management framework, accident and incident reports, safety inspections, and risk assessments in all our branches and head offices. 

In 2018 the OHSAS 18001 Safety Management Standard was replaced by ISO 45001, a new improved Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard and we are migrating all Home Credit markets to this new standard

How we manage safety at all levels of our business:

  • All employees and agents undergo a safety induction. We also provide refresher training and seasonal safety campaigns focussed on localised risks. A customised approach to health and safety training has been developed and rolled out through training modules for various roles and levels.
  • We have helplines in all home credit markets to provide support and guidance for agents and staff concerned about their safety or wellbeing.
  • An Annual Safety Report and presentation is delivered to the IPF Board to ensure Top Management oversight and health and safety policy is aligned with the organisations strategic direction.  
  • The Group Loss Prevention Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for setting policy and monitoring performance.
  • Each market has its own Safety Committee, responsible for monitoring safety and ensuring Group policy matches local legislation.
  • Operational managers hold meetings at regional level and below to consult with workers, assess localised risks and deliver appropriate training and advice.
  • We have a network of Safety Champions from a number of business functions role modelling safety and helping to embed safe behaviours within the business culture.   
  • A web-based portal helps improve timeliness and ease of reporting and provides an effective tool for managing group safety performance.
  • A safety satisfaction survey allows us to obtain feedback from employees and agents. Issues can also be raised confidentially through the Speak Up hotline.

The wellbeing of our people is very important in increasing levels of engagement and providing an excellent service to our customers. We comply with local law on working hours and overtime and respect the minimum wage in all countries where we operate. In addition, we provide a range of resources and services to support various elements of wellbeing.

The theme of our wellbeing programme is resilience – helping our employees to become more resilient to business and personal life changes. We provide an employee assistance telephone line and website, a dedicated intranet site ‘the wellbeing hub’, regular health awareness campaigns, regular wellbeing newsletters and development opportunities as well as benefits and policies which are designed to support wellbeing such as home working, eye care vouchers, travel to work schemes to name only a few.