Our Social Purpose

Our positive role in society


We play a positive and important role in society by providing consumers with access to affordable credit, which they would find difficult to obtain from banks and mainstream lenders. We do this by responsibly lending small sums, offering forbearance and repayment flexibility, and the opportunity to develop a credit profile.

Despite the pandemic, credit remains an important social need and we will continue to provide access to transparent and affordable credit in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.

Providing access to regulated credit

We provide access to regulated finance in a transparent, responsible way giving consumers with low to medium incomes an alternative to the unregulated practices of the “grey” market.

We have built a reputation for responsible lending providing customers with financial products and services that are tailored to their circumstances, supporting them if they face difficulties and creating opportunities to build a credit profile.

Financial inclusion for underserved consumers

We help underserved consumers access affordable credit. For many of our customers a home credit loan is their first experience with the regulated financial market. Our approach is to lend smaller amounts over shorter periods of time and as customers prove their ability to repay their loan, they build a positive credit history in the financial market, enabling more credit choice in future – including digital products.

Contributing to the wider economy

We are an active corporate citizen with more than 22,000 employees and agents contributing to the wider economy through taxes and spending on goods and services. We also invest in financial skills development to enable customers and the general public to engage with the financial services sector with more confidence, and make responsible, informed decisions about their long-term financial planning.

+ Comprising £80 million taxes paid (representing a cost the Group) and £68 million taxes collected on behalf of governments such as payroll taxes and employees’ social security contributions. The £80 million taxes paid excludes a refund of c. £45 million of tax and interest received from the Polish Tax Authority in August 2020.

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