Our Social Purpose

Our positive role in society


We play a positive and important role in society by providing consumers with access to affordable credit, which they would find difficult to obtain from banks and mainstream lenders. We do this by responsibly lending small sums, offering forbearance and repayment flexibility, and the opportunity to develop a credit profile.

How we are making a better world for our stakeholders

  1. Providing access to regulated credit in a responsible way, when it really matters. We give consumers with low to medium incomes a much better alternative than the unregulated “grey” market.

  2. We start the process for mainstream financial inclusion for underserved consumers.

  3. Our positive social contribution extends to the wider economy. Our customer representatives have a sense of pride in being connected to people in their communities and helping them obtain regulated credit. We also provide exciting career opportunities for our colleagues, invest in and support our communities, innovate with supplier partners to deliver growth and, as a responsible taxpayer, we believe in contributing our fair share to society in the markets in which we operate.

Our Strategy

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Our Business Model

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