An overview of IPF
Our Businesses

We provide credit responsibly to people who want to borrow small sums and repay in manageable, affordable amounts. We have two distinct offerings – home credit and digital. 

Our twin track approach

Our home credit and digital business models together with our portfolio of brands helps us serve customers with products they value. The relationship between our two business models is being managed to maximise referrals so that we are better placed than competitors to offer credit to those customers we know best. 

Personal relationships with our customers

Many of our home credit customers have low, often fluctuating incomes and a limited credit history. This means some would not qualify for credit from a mainstream lender or an online loan and, as such, are suited to home credit. They value the personal service provided by agents as well as the convenience and speed of our offering. High levels of advocacy for our products and services show we are a trusted and valued business delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. Our home credit business model has operated successfully for more than 130 years and remains a relevant and important component of the consumer finance market.

Fast, efficient and personalised service anytime

The increasing use of mobile services means a growing number of consumers in our target segment are choosing to borrow online. Our target customers earn low to middle incomes and have high smartphone adoption levels. They already have a credit history that may allow them to qualify for an online loan. We are able to meet their needs through our digital offering, which has operated successfully for over ten years and offers a significant strategic opportunity to grow the number of customers we serve with instalment loans and credit line facilities.

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