An overview of
Our Business Model

A resilient, sustainable and responsible business model


What we do

We play a valuable role in society by helping underserved consumers gain access to affordable financial products and services that meet their needs, delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

Home Credit

We provide small-sum cash loans to those on lower incomes and our customer representatives have high levels of contact with their customers to help them stay in control of their loans. We carefully assess customer creditworthiness and lend responsibly with our ‘low and grow’ strategy, offering new customers smaller loans until they demonstrate their ability to repay a loan. The home credit model, with its large customer representative infrastructure, is extremely difficult to replicate, and takes years of experience to manage effectively.

IPF Digital

Our digital business model meets the needs of a growing number of customers in our consumer segment who want affordable credit that can be managed online. We offer innovative, transparent and flexible products with a seamless customer experience journey. Our consumer-focused lending platform and agile infrastructure supports the growth potential of this highly scalable business.

What makes us different?

We are the only business to offer home credit and digital credit options. We are inclusive of those customers who are underserved by other lenders, and our long-held expertise enables a tailored, personalised approach including close customer contact, careful affordability assessments, responsible and regulated lending practices together with simple, flexible products tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our Values

  • We are responsible
  • We are respectful
  • We are straightforward

Value we create



Giving access to affordable credit helps customers buy the things they need and build a credit history.



Employees and customer representatives

Motivating colleagues to serve customers well, develop new skills and achieve exciting careers.

people across the business


Regulators and government

Providing consumers with access to regulated credit and complying with the regulations in all our markets.

sector association memberships



Developing and deploying innovation to grow our business and improve efficiency.

supplier partners supporting IPF



Enabling financial inclusion, supporting community initiatives, providing careers and paying taxes.

total tax contribution*


Generating good returns, delivering growth responsibly and capturing market opportunities.

dividends proposed to shareholders


* Comprising £81 million taxes paid (representing a cost to the Group) and £60 million taxes collected on behalf of governments such as payroll taxes and employees’ social security contributions.


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Our Financial Performance

Return of Investment analysis

Our Investment Proposition