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Our business model offers distinct but complementary home credit and digital channels through which we offer a range of products that meet the everyday needs of our customers. 


Our business model generates good, sustainable returns for shareholders. We are focused on serving our customers to a high standard and, as a leading non-banking financial institution in many of our markets, we are a respected financial brand and award-winning employer.

Our values underpin our business model, and we operate and make decisions consistent with being responsible, respectful and straightforward. Credit risk is managed responsibly using robust credit scoring systems and credit bureaux, and in our home credit businesses these systems are supported by the critical judgement of agents. We have a ‘low and grow’ strategy, starting new customers on smaller, shorter-term loans and only offer more credit once their creditworthiness is proven. High standards of governance are essential to the sustainability of our business and we actively identify, manage and aim to mitigate the principal risks we face.

Our profit is generated from lending responsibly while managing the business efficiently. Our home credit businesses generate a high proportion of Group revenue primarily through the agent-service model. While IPF Digital delivers a smaller contribution currently, we believe it offers a significant future growth opportunity driven by increased demand for online lending and the ability to operate within a regulatory environment where the trend is for lower-cost products.

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