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Our Business Model

Creating value responsibly


What we do

We specialise in providing small sum, short-term, unsecured loans and credit lines to consumers who are underbanked or underserved by mainstream financial operators or who may have no or a limited credit history. We do this through two lending channels – home credit and digital.

What makes us different?

Being the only business to offer both home credit and digital loans, we have a differentiated proposition from that of other credit providers. Our home credit business is different because our agents connect us to our customers by providing a personal service in their customers’ homes every week or month. Our digital business model meets the needs of a growing number of customers in our consumer segment who want affordable credit that they can manage on their mobile phone, tablet or pc.

How we create value

We believe that the best way to create value for our shareholders and deliver good, sustainable returns is to build close, long-term relationships with our customers. As a trusted, responsible and successful business, we also make a valuable contribution to the communities we serve through spending on goods and services, employment and career development for our people, and  through taxes. Our profit is generated from lending responsibly while managing the business efficiently. Our home credit businesses generate a high proportion of Group revenue, primarily through the agent serviced model while IPF Digital delivers a smaller but growing contribution. 

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Our Financial Performance

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