Investment Proposition

We are a profitable, well-funded business, offering a clear investment proposition and a sound track record of growing the underlying profitability of our business.

Complementary and valued business models

We are evolving our business to reach a greater share of customers who are poorly served by mainstream financial providers. We know our customer segment better than most and understand their changing needs. Our home credit and digital business models together with our portfolio of brands help us serve customers with products they value. The relationship between our two business models is being managed to maximise referrals so that we are better placed than competitors to offer credit to those customers we know best. 

Effective risk management

Notwithstanding the regulatory challenges experienced in 2015, we have a good track record of responding to risks and opportunities. Our control framework and the processes we implement to identify and manage risks underpin our decision-making. This dynamic, well-developed system is integrated at all levels of the Group and aligned to our strategic objectives to deliver long-term growth and protect our people, assets and reputation. 

A people business

We are committed to supporting the growth, development and engagement of our people in order to grow an ethical, sustainable business. Our Board and senior management bring together extensive experience of working in international markets, consumer finance and digital technologies. We attract and retain experienced, high potential individuals who understand our customers and the products we serve. We are also building a robust talent pipeline to support further expansion. 


Agent retention


Employee retention


Strong financial profile

Our business is cash and capital generative. Our strategy is underpinned by a strong and diverse debt funding structure with a mix of bond and bank facilities, and balanced maturity profile. We have demonstrated our commitment to making our balance sheet work harder in order to optimise the amount of equity capital in the business for growth and enhance shareholder returns through share buybacks and a progressive dividend policy.


Equity to receivables


Highly profitable business

We have a good record of generating underlying profit and see significant future growth opportunities for our home credit businesses in Mexico and Romania-Bulgaria, and IPF Digital. The cash and capital generated by our established home credit operations will be reinvested in our growth businesses and used to deliver further returns to our shareholders.


Underlying profit growth


Data is as at 31 December 2015

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