Corporate Governance


"We are focused on strengthening our Board to take on the challenges and opportunities in our changing markets."

Dan O'Connor, Chairman

Good governance is needed to ensure that oversight is properly exercised within our business, it is an essential pre- requisite to underpin the sound decision-making needed to drive forward our new business initiatives and transformational change.

This is particularly true when these activities are taking place against a backdrop of increased competition and regulatory scrutiny.

Solid decision-making processes and careful oversight have been a core part of our existing operations for many years. They are at the heart of our new initiatives too. Taking existing experience and embedding it into our new projects from the outset simply reflects and builds on the way we operate.

We run a well-managed, responsible business within a clear governance framework. Our Board leads and controls the company, and is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

We have a governance structure and a set of commitments and internal procedures to manage the social, environmental, ethical and governance issues in our markets that impact on, or result from, our operations. Our Ethics Code outlines our commitments to our stakeholder groups, sets out our standards of conduct and includes our obligations to responsible business practice, specifically in relation to treating customers fairly, human rights, fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest.

2015 achievements

  • Regular updates on brand and product received.
  • Launched IPF Digital in Spain in December 2015.
  • Focused on Board composition and succession planning.
  • Strengthened the Board with the appointment of Jayne Almond and John Mangelaars as independent non-executive directors.
  • Oversaw the acquisition and integration of MCB Finance and subsequent creation of IPF Digital.
  • Navigated changes in the Polish and Slovakian legislative environment.
  • Led an independent review of the T4G programme.
  • Approved additional funding under Eurobond and Polish Medium Term Note Programmes.

2016 objectives

  • Monitor implementation of new product proposition in Poland in response to new pricing restrictions.
  • Oversee run-off of agent-delivered home credit operations in Slovakia.
  • Continued oversight of regulatory and competition risk.
  • Review investment opportunities to achieve top-line growth in IPF Digital.
  • Oversee growth plans for home credit business in Mexico, Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Focus on efficiency through:
    • use of technology to increase customer experience and reduce cost base; and
    • strengthening sales and service organisational structure.
  • Continued focus on leadership and development.


Our governance and oversight framework.

Board Committees

The Board Committees are responsible for business oversight.

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