Our Strategy

We are operating in a dynamic environment and have evolved our growth strategy to maximise the opportunity in an increasingly digital world, and one in which regulation and competition have intensified. We have now segmented our operations to reflect the fact that our businesses are at different stages of maturity. 

Our refocused strategy for growth

Expanding our footprint

Build on considerable digital opportunity in Poland, Australia and Spain and consider digital business in Mexico. Expand infrastructure in Mexico and continue to review opportunities to open new home credit businesses. Search for suitable acquisition opportunities. 

Improving customer engagement

Having expanded our product set considerably in the past three years, focus on adding digital channels to make our customer journey as easy as possible. 

Developing a sales culture

Further develop the relationship between our home credit and digital businesses, and strengthen our sales and service capability.

Effective execution

Use technology to improve our customer service, increase efficiency and reduce our cost base. 

Our segmented business

We intend to grow in our existing markets and new countries both organically and through acquisitions.

1. Established businesses – home credit

Poland-Lithuania, Czech Republic and Hungary
We will focus on delivering efficiency and maximising the value generated from these businesses while attracting customers through channel development, including digital offerings.

2. Growth businesses – home credit

Mexico and Romania-Bulgaria
We intend to accelerate top-line growth in Mexico through geographical expansion and broadening our product offering. We will also deepen our coverage in Romania-Bulgaria to reach more customers and bring these businesses to maturity.

3. Growth businesses – IPF Digital

We will focus our investment in driving profitable top-line growth in IPF Digital where there is growing demand within our target segment of consumers for digital loans. In markets where we operate both home credit and digital business models, we will continue to develop the flow of referrals between the two models to optimise potential new business and acceptance rates.


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Our Financial Performance

Return of Investment analysis

Our Investment Proposition