An overview of IPF
Our Businesses

We provide credit responsibly to people who want to borrow small sums and repay in manageable, affordable amounts. We have two distinct offerings – home credit and digital. 

Our twin track approach

Our home credit and digital business models together with our portfolio of brands helps us serve customers with products they value. The relationship between our two business models is being managed to maximise referrals so that we are better placed than competitors to offer credit to those customers we know best. 

Slovakia being wound down in 2016

Typically, our home credit loans are repaid weekly over 60 weeks, though monthly repayments and shorter and longer terms are available. Our customers have lower, often fluctuating incomes or little or no previous credit history. Our agents visit customers in their home to arrange loans, to collect repayments and to plan for any future loans. Customers value the convenience and discipline of the agent visit and the fact that currently there are usually no extra charges for missed or late repayments.

Our digital instalment loans and revolving credit line facility with manageable credit limits are accessed online and repaid monthly over terms of up to three years. Our digital customers have low to middle incomes and, compared to home credit customers, they often have a deeper credit history and higher smartphone adoption. It often takes less than 15 minutes from successful application to customers receiving their loan in their bank account.

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