How we ensure strong
Performance Against Objectives

Our Sustainability Strategy focuses on managing financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities to create a successful business in the long term, not just at the end of the financial year.

Our Sustainability Strategy is framed around five material issues – responsible lending, ethics, community, environmental and, going forward, people. Our sustainability objectives, which are set in four-year periods, are aligned with our key material issues and will help to protect our reputation and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

Outcome of the latest reporting period for 2013 - 2016

2013 – 2016 objective Achieved 2016 result
Embed our Code of Ethics throughout the organisation and ensure that all employees and agents are aware of, and actively engage with, the Code.  YES

Annual online training for employees and agents

• Ethics part of induction for new employees and agents

• Annual Ethics Week held across all markets

• Ethics Working Groups established in all markets

Promote responsible lending and financial inclusion throughout our core business activities and community investment. YES

Product development and marketing teams consider ethical principles

• All markets have access to local credit bureaux to support responsible credit risk decisions

• Support for financial literacy programmes targeting our customer segment and the general public

Renew community investment programmes to show that ‘Provident nurtures talent’ and demonstrably delivers outputs and impacts, both for the business and the community in which we operate. YES

All markets involved in supporting local communities

• £489,000 invested in community programmes in 2016

• 2,740 employees volunteered in company time in 2016

• 48% of community investment supported education projects

Manage our environmental impact andreduce our carbon footprint by 7.5% per customer (compared with 2013 levels). YES

Carbon footprint reduced (Scope 1 and 2) per customer by [12.7%] in 2016 compared with 2013 levels

• Environmental Management System in place and all markets contribute to environmental KPIs

2017 - 2020 Objectives

Material issue  2017 – 2020 objective
Responsible lending Support financial literacy programmes to help customers and the general public informed financial decisions. 
Ethics Continue to embed ethical decision making into our business at a strategic and operational level. 
Community Support the communities in which we operate through volunteer programmes, donations and other initiatives. 
Environmental management  Continue to monitor and decrease the environmental impact of our operations 
People Promote employee and agent well-being and uphold human rights principles in all our business relationships.