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IPF celebrates its 7th annual Ethics Week

International Personal Finance has launched its 7th annual International Ethics Week across the Group.  The campaign is held every year to highlight how ethics and values should drive the way we conduct ourselves – from conversations with customers and how colleagues are treated to the decisions made about the strategy of the business.

IPF has a clear social purpose of providing accessible and affordable credit responsibly to people who may otherwise find it difficult to get. Ethics is a meaningful element of the organisational culture which drives responsible lending and how we treat our stakeholders respectfully.  To bring this to life and demonstrate what ethics means in the day to day running of the businesses, a range of activities took place across the Group.

Every employee and customer representative completed business ethics training.  This is underaken as part of new colleague inductions and every year thereafter during Ethics Week. 

Our team in Hungary celebrated with a round table discussion where more than 170 colleagues joined the debate online.  Hosted by Country Manager, Botond Szirmak, Hungarian colleagues discussed resposible lending, the signifiance of treating others in an ethical matter and the definition of an ethical employer in the 21st century.

And IPF Digital’s team shared a 'Ethics Game of Nations' video and held a debate on ethics connecting colleagues from all markets to discuss ethical dilemmas that we may face in doing business.

IPF’s Corporate Affairs Director, Gergely Mikola, said: “It’s been a very special week at IPF.  Our 22,000 colleagues and customer representatives have been discussing ethics and how it underpins our business operations and relations with our stakeholders.  It’s great to know we are doing the right thing as a business, and that we will continue to grow with our values and ethics at the core.”