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30 Days of Happiness Challenge

As part of the Group-wide IPF Care Programme, developed to support colleagues during the challenging times resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce our latest initiative, 30 Days of Happiness.

This challenge is focused on building resilience through a series of self-care challenges over the course of 30 consecutive days from mid-January to February.  Open to every colleague within the IPF Group, the challenges are split into five themes: connecting with yourself, acts of kindness, challenges - learning something new/stretching your comfort zone, passion - doing what you love, and connecting with others.

There is one happiness challenge activity planned for each of the 30 days. Colleagues participate  voluntarily and will share their stories over the course of the initiative.  Examples of some of the challenges are:

·       Give up some of your time to help someone to achieve something that is important to them

·       Talk to a family member or friend about something that they like doing

·       Look at photos from a happy, special time

·       Write down three things you like about yourself

·       Give someone some positive feedback

Group HR Director Lyndsey Scott commented: “This is just one of many initiatives that make up our Care Programme which we developed to ensure our people are able to work safely and with confidence during the Covid pandemic.  The 30 days of Happiness kicks off 2021 with a great mix of self-care challenges and fun.”

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