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IPF Digital celebrates ten years as a consumer finance leader

IPF Digital, the pioneering online loan business of International Personal Finance Plc (IPF), is celebrating a decade at the forefront of providing digital loans to consumers. Providing over 1.85M online loans since 2006, IPF Digital provides a range of digital instalment loans and revolving credit line facilities across seven countries via its leading online platforms: hapiloans, Credit24 and sving.  

Last year, IPF Digital’s customer numbers climbed 46% to 134,000, demonstrating its ability to respond to changing consumer behaviours and their financial borrowing requirements. The business has achieved strong growth in the past two years through a number of significant milestones:

  • December 2014: IPF established a digital footprint in Poland in 2014 through the launch of hapiloans; its first remote digital lending product complementing its home credit business;
  • February 2015: IPF acquired MCB Finance, strengthening its digital consumer lending offering – a key part of the company’s growth strategy. The acquisition heralded IPF’s entrance into four new countries – Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Australia – as well as increasing its presence in Lithuania;
  • December 2015: IPF Digital issued its first loans to customers in Spain in December 2015, taking advantage of the growth opportunity presented by the Spanish market – characterised by strong consumer appetite for mobile and online lending.

IPF Digital’s growth is expected to continue, with the experienced digital team looking to harness its market-leading expertise, successful track record and established platform to leverage the business in Finland and the Baltics. Expansion is also expected to meet rising demand in Poland, Australia and Spain; whilst the team is actively considering entering the online lending market in Mexico.

Rami Ryhanen, General Manager of IPF Digital, commented: “The enormous shift in consumer behaviour and expectations that we’ve seen since we introduced our services has led to an entirely new product set to meet customers’ needs. We’re proud to have been a true innovator and first mover and over the last ten years we’ve helped deliver new ways for people who wish to borrow online and via apps quickly, flexibly and easily. Being part of the IPF Group means IPF Digital can focus on driving ever evolving, ever-leading products to satisfy this growing demand within our target segment.” 

Gerard Ryan, CEO of IPF, added: “Digital opportunities in our new markets in Poland, Australia and Spain present a significant opportunity in terms of population reach of more than 100 million people, and we are actively considering starting a digital business in Mexico where smartphone penetration is growing at a rapid pace. IPF Digital is a key strategic priority for us and complementary to our home credit service.  We are very excited to be at the forefront of the digital lending landscape and look forward to another ten years of innovation and growth.”

The IPF Digital platform enables customers to access straightforward products with manageable credit limits and flexible loan repayment services including payment holidays and lower monthly repayments for returning customers. The fast, easy and convenient service means that it often takes less than 15 minutes from successful application to customers receiving their loan in their bank account via their computer, tablet or smartphone.



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