An overview of IPF
At a Glance

IPF is a leading international home credit and digital provider of consumer finance. Here are a few of our Group statistics for the twelve months ended 31 December 2017. The following performance metrics relate to continuing operations.

customers 2,290 (9%) Customers (‘000)
credit-issued £1,301.5M +6% Credit issued (£M)
revenue £825.8M +1% Revenue (£M)
profit-before-tax £105.6M +10% Profit before tax (£M)
eps 33.7p Pre-exceptional earnings per share (p)
home-credit-markets 5 Home credit markets
digital-markets 8 IPF Digital markets
agents 22,600 Agents
customer-retention 59.7% home credit
70.6% IPF Digital
Customer retention
credit-issued-per-customer £993.9M Average net receivables
impairmant 24.4% Impairment % revenue
cost-income-ratio 45.8% Cost-income ratio