The State of Play 2017
Financial Wellbeing Report

Listening to all our stakeholders including our customers is important to ensure we remain relevant and deliver products that meet their everyday needs.

One way we do this is through our Financial Wellbeing report; a survey we conduct annually which asks our home credit customers about their attitudes to credit, their confidence about their own financial situation and also how satisfied they are with the services they purchase.

Conducted on our behalf by GfK, a leading research agency, the results clearly show we play an important role in society by providing access to responsible credit and that our customers make very careful decisions when it comes to borrowing.

Across the Group, 89% of customers said they think very carefully before they borrow and 88% never borrow more than they can comfortably repay. We also know that credit is not used impulsively, and that affordability is the number one consideration for our customers when taking out a loan. This responsible approach runs in parallel with our robust credit policies ensuring our customers can effectively manage their repayments and do not become over indebted through irresponsible credit decisions.

The results show our home credit customers highly value the personal service of our agent-delivered home credit model as well as the convenience and speed of our offering. High levels of advocacy for our products and services show we remain a trusted and valued business delivering great levels of customer satisfaction.

Financial Wellbeing Report