Looking back over
Our History


Founded in Bradford, England, by Joshua Kelley Waddilove. Joshua worked as an insurance agent and witnessed first-hand how many families struggled to pay for everyday essentials or larger purchases like furniture. His idea was to introduce a system of vouchers that could be exchanged in local shops and which would subsequently be paid back in affordable and small weekly repayments.

Provident Clothing and Supply Co Ltd floats on the London Stock Market under the new name of Provident Financial plc.


The international division of Provident Financial UK formed.


Provident’s first two international markets launch starting with Provident Poland and Provident Czech.

Provident's third international market, Slovakia, launched. This was followed by Provident Hungary in the same year.


Provident Mexico launched with its headquarters in Puebla, the capital of and largest city in the state of Puebla.

Provident Romania launched, our sixth international business.


The international division of Provident Financial demerges from the UK company. The new business is called International Personal Finance plc and it incorporates Provident’s operations in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Mexico.

The business breaks through the 2 million customer number at the end of 2008.


Gerard Ryan joins IPF as Chief Executive Officer and a new business strategy is put in place to accelerate growth. This strategy is called Strategy for Growth.

The business launches two new international markets: Lithuania and Bulgaria and expands into Mexico City.


Longer term loans, preferential pricing and insurances services launch to improve customer engagement.


IPF takes a secondary listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


hapiloans launched in Poland, a new online loan which is our first remote lending product. 


IPF continues to broaden its product offer with monthly loans, insurance, prepaid cards and SME loans. Instant in-principle credit decision introduced on our consumer-facing websites to increase the conversion of online applications to leads.

IPF acquires MCB Finance. The acquisition extends our geographic footprint into Finland, Latvia, Estonia, and Australia and increases our presence in Lithuania with MCB’s Credit24 and Sving brands. The new business is called IPF Digital.


IPF Digital delivers its first loans to customers in Spain.


A global credit decision system utilising credit bureaux introduced to improve lending decisions. Tablet technology introduced for every development manager across the Group.


Provident Direct launched in Poland offering a Provident-branded online loan.


Strategy for Growth evolved to maximise growth and deliver further returns to shareholders.


Following rate cap implementation in Slovakia decision made to wind-down the established agent-delivered home credit operation.


IPF Digital delivers its first loans to customers in Mexico.

Provident Bulgaria sold to Easy Asset Management. The sale allows IPF to focus its resources on its larger home credit and rapidly-growing digital businesses.