How we are
Delivering Value for Our Customers

A unique relationship

Our home credit offering

Our relationship with our home credit customers is unique. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive lender that is responsible, ethical and trusted. Many of our customers are relatively underserved by mainstream finance providers and may be taking out a loan from a financial organisation for the first time.  Our agents visit every home credit customer before we offer a loan and the regular face-to-face contact means we understand their evolving needs.

We have made great progress in modernising our home credit business while maintaining the close relationship with our customers to ensure we remain an attractive and valued provider of credit to them. We now offer a much wider choice of home credit products and service enhancements, both to attract new and retain existing customers. Typically our home credit loans are repaid weekly over 60 weeks, though monthly repayments and shorter and longer terms are available. 

The regular face-to-face contact with customers distinguishes us from most other financial services providers and this is key to customer retention and growth. It helps us understand our customers’ circumstances and allows agents to assess new loan opportunities for good quality, profitable customers. Improving levels of customer consideration for our products is helped by excellent levels of awareness of our Provident brand, and in some markets such as Poland, Hungary and Romania this awareness exceeds 90%. 

Our digital offering

Our digital offering, which comprises instalment loans and revolving credit line products, gives us the opportunity to attract customers who want to take out loans online. With the number of smartphones subscriptions set to almost double worldwide from 3,500 million in 2015 to 6,400 million in 2021 (Ericsson Mobility Report November 2015), our digital loans are an attractive proposition for those customers who increasingly want to operate online, typically at a lower cost than home credit.