How we ensure strong
Performance Against Objectives

Our sustainability strategy focuses on managing financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities to create a successful business in the long term, not just at the end of this financial year.

Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of our sustainability activity. We seek to establish and maintain relationships with all our stakeholders from customers, employees and agents to regulators, community groups, NGOs and shareholders. We have enshrined the basis of this co operation in our Code of Ethics. Responsible lending, business ethics and aiming to raise operational standards in our sector, together with our regulatory anticipation and engagement strategy, are helping to strengthen our reputation and so build regulatory resilience. 

Our current objectives have been set over a three year period and are due to be completed in 2016. 

2013 – 2016 objective On target? Progress
Embed our Code of Ethics throughout the organisation and ensure that all employees and agents are aware of, and actively engage with, the Code.  YES

- Integrating ethics into our culture

- 97% of employees and 80% of our European agents successfully completed ethics training. Agents in Mexico will complete this training in H1 2016

- Introduced formal process integrating ethical considerations into product development

- Ethics Working Groups established to monitor ethical issues and influence ethical culture

Promote responsible lending and financial inclusion throughout our core business activities and community investment. YES

- Credit bureaux now used by all our businesses enabling more robust, responsible lending decisions and also helping customers build a credit record

- Financial literacy education in partnership with NGOs

- Financial literacy workshops, seminars and budgeting apps undertaken with customers

Renew community investment programmes to show that ‘Provident nurtures talent’ and demonstrably delivers outputs and impacts, both for the business and the community in which we operate. YES

- Nurturing talent and financial literacy community programmes in all home credit businesses

- £500,000 invested in local communities in 2015

- 11,500 employee volunteer hours donated in 2015

- 145,000 individuals benefited from our community activities in 2015

- Increased media visibility supporting employee engagement and brand building

Manage our environmental impact andreduce our carbon footprint by 7.5% per customer (compared with 2013 levels). YES

- Reduced our carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2) per customer by 12.5% in 2015 compared to 2013 levels

- Comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage environmental issues throughout the business